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Come and enjoy our horse services at Ratsastus ja vikellys
Rasipelto in Kangasniemi. Get to know the traditional finnish horses, different
size of ponies and big latvian sporthorse. Also Getting to know mini shetland
ponies and taking care of them is a dream come true of many little ponygirls
and boys.

We have had horses over 30 years, and now we have eight horses
and we offer private and group lessons for the beginner through advanced riders
on horses and ponies.

If you are a good rider, you can enjoy forrest hike on
horseback, and see the beautyful landscape that begs to be seen.

It is possible to harness the finnish horse and enjoy county
landscape by garreiagedrive, or in wintertime you can feel the silence of the
nature by sleighride.

We also offers equestrian vaulting. It is gymnastics on a
horse. This is done individually, in pairs and in a team. This fun activity for
all ages promotes co-ordination, balance and strength.

We recommend to wear for riding classes comfortable pants
and a shoe with low heel. We can provide you of a helmet if you don´t have one.

Ride pricing:

1 hour ride in riding arena or forest 25€

½ hour hand-led ride 15€

2 hours equestrian vaulting 15€

Give us a call and ask more!